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While a theft charge may seem minor, the repercussions will negatively affect you and your family. If you have been criminally charged with theft, it is critical that you take swift action in order to defend yourself. The penalties for serious theft-related offenses are severe. As such, we encourage you to retain the immediate representation of Alers Law Firm. Our Orlando criminal defense attorney has successfully handled countless theft crime cases. With our in-depth legal knowledge in your corner, you can be confident that your case is in capable and competent hands. Call (407) 512-8250 today to learn how we can help you.

In order to avoid a criminal conviction, you need to ensure your constitutional rights are protected in a court of law. Our Orlando theft law firm has a unique understanding of both sides of the courtroom. With our support, you may be able to obtain the upper hand in court. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances pertaining to your case, discover what evidence the prosecution has obtained, and prepare a strong defense accordingly.
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    Our founding attorney began a career in law out of a genuine desire to solve problems created by the justice system and complex legal situations. She started out as a former prosecutor but has since proven her allegiance to serving the people of Orlando fight against their criminal accusations. With every legal matter that she handles, Attorney Alers strives to obtain justice and produce favorable case results that our clients would be more than happy with. Her tremendous track record of success proves that she is accomplishing just that. When your freedom is on the line, Attorney Alers is prepared to protect what matters most to you and your loved ones.

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  • How Are Robbery & Burglary Different?


    Robbery is the taking of property against an individuals will by means of fear or force. Robbery offenses are also referred to as “stickups” or “muggings.” Unlike robbery, a burglary offense does not require a confrontation between two or more parties. In order to be convicted of burglary, the prosecutor is required to prove that the defendant entered the structure with the intent of committing a felony offense.

  • Is The Police Officer Required To Ready My Rights?


    Police officers are not legally required to read you your rights at the time of your arrest. The Miranda Warning is only required if the officer plans to use your statement as elicit, incriminating evidence in a court of law.

  • Do I Need To Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer?


    If you have been arrested for a serious theft offense, it is vital that you secure the legal representation of our lawyer. We urge you against self-representation. When your future on the line, you need a skilled attorney on your side. Regardless of the circumstances pertaining to your case, there is no question that an attorney will make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

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Rights That Are in Jeopardy After Serving Time

  • Loss of eligibility to apply for financial aid for college
  • Security clearance for certain professions such as teaching, working with children, or security
  • Voting privileges
  • Parenting rights can be taken away including custody & visiting rights
  • Loss of 2nd Amendment right to legally obtain or possess firearms
  • Cannot obtain a passport or a visa for entry into certain countries
  • Convicts are pulled into police line-ups as a potential suspect